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Create an Inventory List

You can never go wrong with a packing list. Make a note of everything you are packing, so you know exactly what you have and where everything is. Allocate a number for each box and make yourself a list of what’s in each box against each number. When you need to unpack, you can consult your list to locate any specific item you’re looking for.

Storage inventory list for your items
label those boxes

Label Those Boxes

When you’re packing your belongings, you’ll be using boxes, lots of them. The most efficient way to sort those boxes is to label them as you pack them, either by writing on the side of them with a marker pen or attaching a label. Include things like the box’s contents and the room that the box needs to be unpacked into in your new home.

Categorise Items

Randomly throwing things into any box may save time whilst packing, but it will be a nightmare to unpack. The best thing you can do is to pack similar items together. A box for books, a box for clothes, a box for kitchen utensils… you get the idea. Once it’s time to unpack, you’ll have a better sense of which box to open in which room.

categorize your storage items and boxes
Dismantling your Furniture or ask us to do it for you

Dismantle Furniture

If you are moving your furniture, dismantling it will make packing and transporting it a breeze, and save a lot of room in storage too! You’ll also minimize the chances of knocks to the walls and door frames as you will not have to manoeuvre bed frames or desks out of your home. Once you’re done dismantling, protect the pieces by wrapping them in cardboard sheeting and bubble wrap, tape it up and it’s ready to go.

Keep Heavy Items in Small Boxes

If you’re moving a lot of books or bulky items, don’t pack them all into one giant box. It’ll be incredibly heavy and a nightmare to move if you’re going to need an extra pair of hands every time you want to shift it. Split them up over smaller boxes so they’re easier to carry or consider using a suitcase with a handle and wheels for easier transportation of heavier items.

Keep heavy items in small boxes
Pack plates vertically to avoid damage

Pack Plates Vertically

There’s always a temptation to stack plates on top of each other, but don’t do this when packing them away. They’ll be much safer packed vertically in a box, like records. It’ll reduce the chance of them chipping or breaking. To keep your crockery extra safe, wrap up each piece individually in bubble wrap before packing.

Use the StoreX Packaging & Dismantling Service

Still feeling overwhelmed? StoreX can package, dismantle, organise and transport your belongings for you, and unpack and reassemble all your items for you when they get to your new home! Let us take the headache away and request a quote today.

use our storage packaging and dismantling service
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