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Business Storage & Distribution

Does your business lack storage space?

When you started your small business a few years ago, you probably rented space that you thought would be large enough for 10 or maybe even 15 years. But maybe your business has grown faster than you ever thought possible, and now that spacious area is crowded with the overflow of stock, seasonal products, sales material, unused surplus office supplies that you bought in bulk to save money... The list probably goes on and on. And think about it. Do you really want to rent a larger office or warehouse just because you need more space? Probably not. Besides, There must be an easier way.


StoreX has a solution to fit all your business storage and distribution outsourcing needs. You can move whatever supplies and documents you do not need access to on a daily basis to a less expensive space whilst benefiting from special business rates for stock storage and distribution.


We can handle anything from large scale palletized or commercial equipment storage to stock storage for smaller businesses. With our innovative shared warehouse system, Storex provides your business with flexible and scalable business storage solutions, whilst enabling you to benefit from rates specially tailored to suit your specific business needs.


  • Document storage

  • Bulky storage

  • Industrial pallet racking

  • Customs clearance of the consignment

  • Delivery to the warehouse

  • Container loading and unloading

  • Full records of itemized consignment

  • Local distribution of stock items all over Malta and Gozo

  • Store, insure and ship

  • Optional In-storage and in-transit insurance

Storage Boxes


Free from humidity state-of-the-art storage facility


Pay according to the space you occupy


Hassle-free all-in-1 solution


Taylor-Made Business and Distribution Solutions at the Best Prices


Combine services and benefit from special discounts


Cheaper rates for larger volumes

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